Hip replacement

I was 55 and quite active. So it was quite a surprise when I found out I needed a hip replacement, I was lucky enough to be referred to Mr Richard Baker. Before the operation Mr Baker was very reassuring and informative. I had many questions on what activities I could do after the operation He was very patient and understanding and put my mind at ease. The operation went very well and in my opinion was performed very professionally. The pain I was in for over a year had disappeared. While I was in Hospital Mr Baker visited me twice a day monitoring my progress. I was really impressed with the closure of the wound. I had no problems or infection. After two weeks it was all healed. When I went back for my 6 week check-up. Once again with many questions. He was understanding and reassured me. On the whole through the complete experience I found that Mr Baker was very professional and treated me as an individual. Taking on board my needs after the procedure. With the sole aim of getting me back to doing all the things I was doing before
I would have no hesitation at all of recommending him